Being a homeowner sounds like a dream to many people, and it truly does come with a lot of positives. But one thing new owners don’t anticipate is the upkeep that comes with owning a house. If one does not keep their home updated, like their devices, the life expectancy of a house decreases significantly. A major problematic area is often the bathroom and if problems aren’t dealt with promptly they snowball into even bigger and more expensive difficulties. Other than plumbing problems there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.Here are five things every homeowner should know about their bathrooms.

Leaks, a man’s worst nightmare

Leaks in the sink, toilet or shower may seem like a small and harmless inconvenience but they often lead to bigger problems such as corrosion or damp walls. Don’t stress because more often than not a simple leak can be fixed without an after hours plumber perth. Simply tighten the pipe with a ranch or use epoxy putty to seal the area in question. Don’t forget to turn of the main water supply after you’ve accessed where the leak is. If your faucet is leaking there’s no need to call a plumber, the rubber often wears out over time. A quick and easy fix? Replace it.

Investigate Oddities

It is very important that you keep checking if there is a major leak in your bathroom. You don’t have to be an expert to know the signs of a damaging leak. Access your walls for any signs of dampness for example mildew, mold, chipped or damaged paint, swelling in wood and an unpleasant smell that is caused by an area remaining damp. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call your plumber.

Replacement of pipes

It is crucial to keep a check on the validity of your pipes. The life expectancy of the pipes depend on the material it is made out of, so always check for that when purchasing new pipes. Always look for signs of trouble as often as you can. Look at exposed pipes and check for any kind of discoloration and stains. If you see occasional spurs in leakages it is a good decision to call a plumber to have it checked out. It might be a sign that your entire plumbing needs a change.


Bathroom lighting can be very important, it has to be just right. Apart from the general bathroom lights on the ceiling there should be extra lights in place in from of the vanity mirror. It is not a good idea to place your lights right above the mirror to avoid any unflattering shadows on the face. A good economical alternative to add extra lighting is to buy a stick on vanity light kit that you can just pop onto the mirror whenever it is needed.


Never ever go for too much color in the bathroom. This can create too much visual clutter and make you feel suffocated in a small space. Plus it looks gaudy. A popular color for the bathroom is blue but if you feel that has been overdone, go for other soothing colors like green or pale yellow. Pair it with white or ivory and if you want to spruce things up a simple pattern will suffice. Add some plants or flowers to add that pop of color and you are good to go.
Being a homeowner can be tough but it can also be equally fun to play with layouts and styles. Happy Home owning !