When not properly detected and repaired, broken water mains and pipes not only cause severe damage to your home, it also waste water and significantly increase your water bills! Extensive damage to water mains has also been known to damage streets and cause the infrastructure to crumble. Such instances often lead to seeking ballarat emergency plumbing services to minimize the potential damage. Here are 4 ways to check if you have water damage.

Increasing Water Bill

Unless you are watering your lawn more due to summers or are showering more than usual, there is no reason your water bill should increase substantially. If, one month, you are faced with an inexplicably high bill, you should immediately know why – you have a leaking pipe! Be sure to keep an eye on your water bill. Sometimes, they increase will be immediate and other times the bill will rise gradually over a period of time. Be sure to compare your water bills to identify possible leaks and ensure you resolve the problem as soon as possible!

Your house is wet or damp

If there are random puddles in your house, wet spots near the plumbing system, damp drywall, or wet rings on your ceilings, you should know immediately that you have a leaky pipe. If you can’t explain the water around your house, or even in your street, it’s a clear indication that there is a problem with your pipes or water main. These physical signs mean it is time to call a plumber.

Mildew or Mold

Another physical sign to look out for is mildew, i.e. black spots on the walls and floors of your house. These can be seen near pipes and indicate a leaky plumbing system. However, mildew can also be hidden underneath carpeting – for that reason, it is very important that you rely on your sense of smell. A musty or moldy smell means that your house probably has mildew due to a leaky pipe.

The sound of water

Now this one is slightly complicated. If you hear water running, you first need to check your entire house and make sure every faucet and valve is closed, including hoses and taps outside. Once you’ve confirmed that they are all closed, check your water meter and don’t use water for a few hours. After that, if your meter has changed, it means you have a leaky pipe somewhere that needs to be checked.

Water leaks lead to water damage in the house. This should not be understated – water damage is a real problem! It can lead to weak infrastructure, health problems, wastage of money and water, and overall ruin the aesthetic in your house. Big problems also require professional solutions – if you ever think you have a water leak in your house, please call a professional to take a look. The plumber will quickly identify a leak and offer expert advice on how to resolve the issue.