The plumber will also be able to recommend the best solution to reduce the consumption of water with the shower suggesting the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly model, to be installed instead of the old shower or tub.

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Which model of shower to choose for water saving
Maybe you do not know, or maybe you’ve heard about it already: they’re called eco-sustainable showers , and they save water. They are innovative, futuristic showers and finally you can take a shower enjoying all the benefits without having to think about your bill! They are designed to optimize the use of water but also to recycle it .

Here are the 5 best eco-sustainable showers.

Fog Shower
The winner of the Electrolux Design competition 2007 is Fog Shower , which is characterized by the direct drop jet heated by ultrasound. The sensor follows the movements of our body, in this way manages to consume 2 liters of water for 5 minutes of shower.

Eden Mist
Thanks to an aerator that filters the water transforming it into a jet of dense droplets heating them, consuming only 1 liter of water per minute, it is the Eden Mist shower that adjusts according to the person’s stature, to increase even more the savings .

Eco Drop
The Eco Drop has instead a shower tray made from a particular material with concentric circles like a drop that under the weight of the person, and in contact with the water rise and expand progressively progressively becoming annoying, in this way you are forced to get out of the shower, saving water consumption

Shower Brake
The Shower Brake , allows you to program the amount of water you want to use, and when you exceed the programmed limit, sends a verification signal that warns that you are exceeding the consumption limit.

Pedal eco-shower
The pedal eco – shower , provides water if you pedal, so while taking a shower you take constant training and physical activity, ideal for all those who do not have time to play sports or go to the gym. But there’s more: the force generated by the water moves the turbine that produces the energy to heat it. A bit like going back in time, for some “old mechanisms”, only here we talk about evolution!